Wednesday, October 25, 2023

I Wonder--October 25

This morning while preparing for the day, I took my eyes off my task and sliced into right thumb on the outside. (If you want something to slow you down, try cutting the thumb on your dominant hand and see how productive you are). 

Although it bled and bled, the cut was nothing a band-aid and some peroxide couldn't handle. Honestly, as I write these words it's that thumb that keeps tapping the spacebar on my laptop. I think I will live through this one. 

But then I noticed something else that I want to share. . . while cooking my breakfast I felt an odd pain radiating down my thumb. JonMark walked by and I told him about the incident and he chuckled--perhaps he made a comment about my eyesight failing and me getting old. . . (cue my eye roll). 

I told him the cut was not deep but that my knuckle hurt. Shrugging I went back to the stove and flipped my egg over before putting it on my bagel to complete my breakfast. 

He told me that it was probably sore because there is very little skin and tissue on the thumb around the knuckle. He said, 'you probably bumped the bone.' As I walked to my office I thought about that for a moment. . . something so little, seemingly so insignificant, caused pain in an unexpected way. A 2-inch nick of my thumb isn't significant in itself, but the impact it has on functionality could be. 

So I wonder, each of us have little wounds that we carry with us. They are small (like my thumb-cut), but yet the ache (like the knuckle of that same thumb). You can still go about your day, and you still be productive. But the ache, even if it is small, it is deeper than you might realize. 

I wonder what that wound you are carrying around with you looks like? 

What does it affect? How is it limiting you? And if it is limiting you, perhaps you could think of someone who could use some grace because of their wound? I bet it is limiting them in the same way. . . 


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