Tuesday, November 14, 2023

I Wonder--November 14

While I know that this week is going to be quite busy at Bethesda because of our turkey giveaway, the mindset that called us toward this mission project should be the same mindset that is at work in each of us as Christians. 

We did not have some special revelation from God; there was no voice from heaven announcing to us that we were solely called to support our community for our glory and pride.  

Rather as we spent time in God's Word together, and as we prayed, we heard, and we felt, God's call on our lives. God moved in our hearts and helped us to wonder. It is a similar sense of call that each member of the Body of Christ is offered by God. The Lord asks us to spend time in His Word; He asks us to meditate upon it. Then after spending time with God, and in Christ, we move out into our community. 

Majorie J. Thompson, in her book Soul Feast, wrote these words to support what this call looks like. She said: 

"If the Word I hear Sunday morning or during my private prayer has no bearing on the way I relate to family, friends, and foe, or how I make decisions, spend my resources, and cast my vote, then my faith is [a] fantasy."

Again, we are called by the Lord to practice our faith. We can do that in large scale projects (like our turkey giveaway this week). We can also do it intentionally in seemingly small daily choices. God calls us to practice our faith not just on Sunday when we come to church, but God asks us to practice our faith in response to His revelation in our lives. 

I wonder how might God be asking you today to practice your faith? 

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