Wednesday, November 15, 2023

I Wonder--November 15

This morning as I was walking I listened to an interview with the famous cellist Yo-Yo Ma. His gentle words spoke deeply to my heart and caused me to wonder. . . 

The story he told was about Mr. Rogers--a man he had the privilege of meeting and working with. Once Mr. Rogers was in front of congress seeking funding for his television program. As a PC(USA) minister Fred was deeply familiar with God's Word and voice. Yet he was gentle and did not lash out when congress pushed him on topics.  

At an important moment in the hearing, when the tension was high, Mr. Rogers offered the congressmen and women a pair of Hebrew words which translated: "Heal the world." 

He did not provide any direct programming ideas and did not offer any solutions/platitudes (or even a rebuke to the leaders of congress who didn't 'get it.')  about how he felt called to do this work. It was just simply his mission: Heal the World. 

We have a lot of opportunities in our days to practice what Mr. Rogers taught that day. While we know that God ultimately does the work necessary to heal the world, we are offered a place in partnership with the Lord. We are offered the chance to step outside of ourselves and be the hands and feet of Christ working with other people. 

But the choice is ours. God does not force His will upon us. We have the choice to respond to the call. The Holy Spirit is at work in our lives each day. The Spirit speaks to us; invites us. I wonder, will, and how, will you practice what Mr. Rogers taught? How will you serve to heal the world? 

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