Wednesday, January 11, 2023

I wonder--January 11

I just had the most wonderful experience that I want to share with you. And as I share my story, I wonder if you can find your own way to share this experience in your day?

A short time ago I walked across the parking lot on my way back to the office. The day was cool, and the clouds formed a nice blanket that allowed me to be comfortable wearing a sweater to work. I was in a good mood. Listening to a podcast that I enjoy, I heard the activity bus from our Day Care pulling up behind me to drop off the children. 

I turned my head and saw the bus making its wide sweeping turn so the "after school" children can disembark and head inside to wait for their parents. Then it happened. . . 

There in the window I saw little smiles forming as small faces pressed themselves up to the glass to see me. Ethan waved. Tyler's eyes brightened. A new young lady in the program waved at me until I noticed her and waved back. Then she shook her head in satisfaction.  

Unlocking the door to the office I took my AirPods out of my ear, turned around, and waited. I wanted to say 'hello.' 

"Are you coming today?" one boy asked. 

"No," I said. "I will be there tomorrow to read you a new bible story." I smiled and said, "If that's okay." 

He laughed and said he would like that. He did not know that I come to the office every day--not just the days when I stop to read to him. 

I saw Minecraft shirts that were 'showed off.' Anna Grace waved as she walked by. On and on the parade of kids went; many of them had something to say. Most were excited to see me and some confused. I got the "doesn't he only work on Thursday" look, and I loved it. 

The whole experience blessed my day, and why is that? 

It is because I agreed to be present regularly in their lives. I agreed to walk over to the Day Care on Thursdays at 3:30pm and read to them. You see for these kids it matters that I come and see them. It matters that I take time to show up. And even if they cannot articulate this statement, their waves and smiles and comments prove my conclusion. 

So again I wonder, can you find a way to have a similar experience in your day? 

I bet it will bless your heart. . . 


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